4 in 1 Multifunctional Car Model slide –red and blue XH


4 in 1 Multifunctional Car Model slide –red and blue XH


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Color: red and blue
Material: HDPE +ABS


Material: HDPE +ABS

Color: red blue

The product can be disassembled and assembled into three products: slide, children’s platform, children’s eating chair.

1. Slide slide (install slide and basketball hoop)

Related information: Overall size 172(L)*72(W)*72.5(H)cm;

The slide (the upper half is red, the lower half is blue, with handrails on both sides) size 153(L)*33(W)cm, handrail width 14cm, blue ball frame inner diameter 17cm, outer diameter 23cm, basketball ( orange) 13cm in diameter.

2. Children’s platform (installation of off-white platform board, two off-white curved fences and off-white platform backboard)

Related information: overall size 45(L)*60(W)*72.5(H)cm, platform back size 33(L)*15(W)cm, platform board size 33(L)*28(W)cm, Front and rear steps 33(L)*10(W)cm.

3. Children’s dining chair (install the seat and the dining table, both are red)

Related information: overall size 45(L)*65(W)*75(H)cm, two gray rectangular steps size 33(L)*10(W)cm, dining table size 29.5(L)*39.5(W) ) cm, the bottom anti-skid gear is 10cm; the upper layer of the front is a red arc pedal, and the lower layer is a rectangular step.

The product contains a full English instruction manual.

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