New TV Headphone Headset 5 in1 Wireless RF & Transmitter PC Audio System FM, Long Battery Life Surround Sound No Wire 5 Core HDP 3N1

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* Comes with Transmitter for effortless reception while connecting with TV, Laptop Both Headphones &amp.
* Transmitting unit are made of PP Plastic and works on AAA-sized batteries. (batteries not included)
* Inbuilt FM mode in the Headphones with Reset function and on/Off feature An Aux Cable is included in the accessories for connecting the Headphone directly with Mobile Four-mode operation of the Headphones
* Wireless Headphones Wireless reception from any electronics device such as TV, Laptop, PC, DVD player, MP3 player, and CD player.
* Wireless NETCHAT Have an audio chat with the Headphones easily, just by placing the receiver near them and Headphones with you within 10m of receiver unit.
* FM mode in the Headphones

Two-way power source Receiver Unit Adaptor (DC 4.5 Volts) and 1.5V AAA-sized Dry Cell Battery.
Option to attach a Microphone with Receiver while having Wireless Net Chat Transmitting Unit comes with attached 1 AUX & 1 RCA jack Headphones capped in comfortable ear pads.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review