Fitness gantry

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Product Overview


package1: 202*29.5*13cm 35.5kg


package2: 114*32.5*16cm 23.4kg


[Classic design] Classic and simple steel structure design, taking into account both functionality and safety.

[Ample space] There is ample space for stretching, which is convenient for you to carry out any bench exercises.

[Rich functions] This product includes 6 Olympic plate storage horns, resistance band hooks and multiple upper tie rods, which can effectively strengthen your training plan.

[Wake up muscles] Safely and effectively exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially the back muscles, latissimus dorsi, biceps, rhomboid muscles, trapezius muscles, etc.


Material: Heavy duty steel frame

Color: Gray & Black

Overall product dimension: 81.5' (H) x 65.4' (W) x 45.3' (D)

Length of pull up bar: 40.6'

Adjustable height of the rack: 9.4'-56.7'

Length of safety bar: 13'

Weight capacity- Pull up bar: 330lbs, J-hook: 441lbs, Safety catch: 441lbs.




*Product does not contain dumbbells

*This product only supports FedEx logistics



(No reviews yet) Write a Review