Boxing Adjustable Free Standing Punch Ball Adult Punching Speedball Gym Bag

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Unisex Adults Training Punch Ball with Gloves.

Plastic Base Can be filled with Sand or Water.

High tension spring, comes flat packed.

Relieve pressure of work and life.

Completely Free Standing And Requires No Ceiling Mounting.



Condition: Brand new and good quality

Material: Hand sewn Faux leather ball & Steel supports & Plastic base

Colour: see the picture

Adjustable height: 125-140 cm / 49.2-55.1in


Package Included:

1 * Pcs of Punch Bag Ball

1 * Pair of Red Gloves

3 * Pcs of Pipe

1 * Black PP Base

1* Pcs of Hand Pump


(No reviews yet) Write a Review