BM800 Studio Condenser Microphone Arm Stand Pop Filter Foam Cap Kit Record Accessory

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1. Highly sensitive condenser microphone, can distinct delicate differences of voice and sound.

2. High output with low noise, offers perfect recording for you.

3. Pop filter and foam cap can filter hissing and lisping sounds to improve the quality of recording.

4. Anti-shock mount, clip holder mount, arm stand, these can provide stable and adjustable support for microphone.

5. With a USB audio adapter for connecting the microphone to computer.



Material: Stainless steel & Plastic

Pickup Pattern: Unidirectional

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: -34dB±2dB(0dB-1V/Pa at 1kHz)

Output Impedance: 150Ω±30%(at 1kHz)

Load Impedance: ≥1000Ω

Max SPL: 130dB(at 1kHz≤1%T.H.D)

SNR: 70 db

Powering: 3mA

Microphone Size(Height*Diameter): Approx. 15 * 4.6 cm / 5.9 * 1.8 inch

Diameter of Pop Filter: Approx. 15.5 cm / 6.1 inch

Diameter of Anti-shake Mount: Approx. 10 cm / 3.93 inch

Folded Arm Stand Length: Approx. 37 cm / 14.5 inch

Weight: Approx. 1375 g


Package Included:

1 * Condenser Microphone

1 * Arm Stand

1 * Pop Filter

1 * Anti-shock Mount

1 * Foam Cap

1 * Cable

1 * USB Audio Adapter

1 * Clip Holder Mount


(No reviews yet) Write a Review