15 Inch Professional Dj Speaker Passive Pro Audio Karaoke Speakers 1200W 5 Core PC 42Ratings

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5 Core Passive Plastic 15 Inch Speaker - 42 PA-COLUMN-15 Inch-SSP-DLX-E- DESCRIPTION



About this item


 Y-30 magnet and Hi-tensile Steel T-yoke and washer.

 High power handling capacity of the speaker

 Two-way Croatian Circuit Design used in crossover network for best bass and treble output.

 Custom-made design suitable for professional use and produces soothing sound.

 Metallic Tweeter with Neodymium Magnet and Compressor Drivers with Titanium

 Full-range Hi-Fi Speaker with Cloth Edge Cone Voice Coil wounded with high quality Copper Wire.

 Diaphragm rendering high-frequency response

 Speak-on connector for another plastic column is provided at the back.

 High-grade PP plastic Brackets used for horizontal stacking

 Bottom-side universal hole with adjusting screw for mounting on Speaker/Column stand.


*Customized design of Plastic Column best grade PP plastic used for solid acoustics. High-quality full range speaker.*A pair of speak-on connectors is given for input and output for another setup.*Universal mounting hole at the Bottom for easy mounting on Speaker Stands.

Technical Specifications:

*Speaker: 15 Inch Full Range Spwaker,*3 Inch Voice Coil, 8Ohms , 300W*Tweeter: Compressor Driver with Y-30 Magnet*Freq Response - 40Hz-20kHz*Cabinet Material - MPPO*RMS/Max Power - 300/600 W


(No reviews yet) Write a Review